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The 2015 Autumn Statement

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11 Dec RAC claims petrol at pump could fall to £1 a litre
10 Dec Recently retired individuals 'enjoying greater wealth than the under-45s'
09 Dec Savings accounts offering interest rates as low as 0.01%, reveals FCA
08 Dec New plan to address the issue of cold calling to mobile phones
07 Dec Buyers benefit from '£4,500 saving' due to stamp duty changes
04 Dec UK state pension one of the 'least generous in the world', says OECD
03 Dec HMRC to clamp down on offshore tax evasion penalties in 2016
02 Dec New Help to Buy ISAs launch with interest of up to 4%
01 Dec Chancellor promises £470 saving per year on household bills
30 Nov Car tax evasion rate soars partly due to new tax rules

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BBC News - Business:

Buy-to-let surge 'raising house prices'
Twitter hit by slowing growth in users
Shoppers 'fail to spot cheapest deals'
US backs tougher N Korea sanctions
Hong Kong shares sink 4%
BT to divert nuisance calls
Nestle ends IAAF sponsorship deal
Yellen warns on US financial conditions
Why have bank shares fallen?
Asahi to buy Peroni and Grolsch

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